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We have over 2000 varieties of plant material. We offer plants that are tried & 的确,在亚虎手机app下载的品牌植物计划中,提供顶级花园性能以及尖端植物. Our number one goal is to provide the very best for garden success!

New plants!: 点击左边的图片,看看亚虎手机app下载产品线的新成员!

Premium Field Selections: 这个程序提供标本大小的植物材料,为您的景观设计的即时效果. 亚虎手机app下载非常小心地选择新的和令人兴奋的,以及经过考验的真正的品种,以适应亚虎手机app下载的运输地区. The team works to keep the crops looking great, offering a consistent supply chain for your project needs.

Container Tree Selections: Our container tree program is designed for all sized projects. 它使您能够种植整个季节的植物,从花园中心友好的7和15加仑到景观准备的25和45加仑标本. 这些植物提供了扎根良好的分枝树,从种植的时候开始就会脱落和生长.

Seasonal Color: 这个类别包括亚虎手机app下载的年度,草本,蔬菜,多肉和热带颜色的选择. 这些植物是季节的颜色,赋予了色彩的冲击力, interest and drama to your home and garden. 亚虎手机app下载提供多种尺寸的安装设计,从大型景观项目到小型集装箱,适用于您的家庭和花园的特殊区域.

AMERICAN BEAUTIES NATIVE PLANTS® 一个开创性的原生植物项目是否为花园中心提供了行之有效的解决方案, landscapers and home gardeners. 本地植物专家与野生动物专家合作,为您带来的选择将改善亚虎手机app下载的环境,为您的花园带来生命. 为野生动物提供食物最简单的方法是种植本地植物,这些植物可以为它们提供自然的食物——叶子, nectar, pollen, berries, seeds and nuts. Because the plants are native to our regions, they require less water and maintenance and fewer disease problems.

Bloomin' Easy® 这是对那些欣赏美丽庭院价值的年轻房主的回应吗, but think tackling such a project is too difficult, time consuming and beyond their expertise. 亚虎手机app下载选择的植物,提供卓越的美丽和色彩的植物,更有弹性,更低的维护, and which enable success for your outdoor space.

The Bushel and Berry™ 收集包括紧凑,自花授粉,观赏浆果植物为家庭园丁! 蒲式耳和浆果™植物很容易种植,会让眼睛和味蕾眼花缭乱. These varieties are like nothing seen before. With exquisite ornamental qualities and amazing fruit, 这些是浆果植物,它们位于庭院装饰容器和景观的前部和中心.

Drift® Roses are a cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniature roses. 从前者,他们保持韧性,抗病性和冬寒性. 从微型植物中,他们继承了他们精心管理的大小和反复开花的性质. The low, 漂移®玫瑰的易于管理的习惯使他们完美的花园从小到大, for planters, and for mass commercial plantings. They brighten up borders, fill in empty spaces, meander around established plants, and can control erosion on hillsides and slopes.

The Endless Summer® collection consists of beautiful re-blooming hydrangeas. The Original, the first of the hydrangea varieties in the collection, 彻底改变了园丁将绣球花融入他们的景观的方式. 育种者继续增加新品种,为家庭和花园提供令人兴奋的颜色. 这些植物耐寒,易于照顾,并提供大,美丽的夏季颜色.

有超过100个摇滚明星品种,带来更大的成功,更少的麻烦, you can take any yard and make it burst with energy, creativity, and pizzazz. And with hard-working plants like First Editions® 灌木和树木,拥有一个好看的景观并不一定是一种痛苦. In fact, it can be a good time. It’s time to think about shrubs and trees differently. Consumers, and especially new homeowners, don’t want to work too hard but they do want a beautiful space. First Editions® new look and energizing campaign, coupled with an outstanding lineup of shrubs and trees, puts the fun back into gardening.

Handpicked for You® is a certification by a collaboration of plant breeders, growers and independent garden center retailers. 亚虎手机app下载正在共同努力,以确定和介绍最好的测试和最值得信赖的植物,为您的花园成功.

The Knock Out® Family of Roses revolutionized the way we think of roses. 这些玫瑰很容易种植,不需要特别照顾,而且具有很强的抗病能力. 它们有着惊人的花朵力量,从春天开始,一直持续到第一次霜冻. The Knock Out® Family of Roses are winter hardy to USDA Zone 5.

The mission of NewGen Boxwood 是成为一个更好的黄杨家族的旗手吗. 亚虎手机app下载在这里为行业带来新一代的工厂,这些工厂已经通过多年的观察证明了自己, trialing, and research. 亚虎手机app下载的承诺是提供对黄杨木疫病和其他黄杨木病害具有更好耐受性的特殊植物, better resistance to Boxwood Leafminer, and overall stunning appearance.

Our own program Plants that Work® 利用亚虎手机app下载与全球育种者的关系,提供独特的植物品种, 最前沿,为家庭和花园的各个领域提供解决方案. 植物将使花园中心和园艺师从色彩的竞争中脱颖而出, easy care and better performance!

Plants that Work® 提供了一个产品分类与选择高质量的植物,包括一年生植物, perennials, shrubs, succulents and tropical plants. 无论项目大小,从大型景观到小空间, 亚虎手机app下载有您需要的植物,为家庭和花园的每个区域的纹理提供成功的解决方案, foliage and seasonal interest.

Proven Winners® searches the world to bring you vibrant flowering annuals, perennials and shrubs that deliver beautiful garden performance. Working with top breeders across the globe, 这个系列提供了新的和令人兴奋的植物,很容易种植, hardy and offer color in flower and foliage.

Raymond Evison Clematis® are the result of 50 dedicated years searching, breeding and developing his award winning, flowering clematis for today's homes and gardens. 他严格的选择过程产生了各种有趣的新花,这些花能够在更长的时间内整个茎部开花.

Altman Plants is at the forefront of the horticultural industry, taking great strides in the study and development of plants. Through careful research and with upmost care, 亚虎手机app下载已经能够培育出一些业内最独特的玫瑰. We are bringing you True Bloom: A new generation of award winning roses for your garden. Finally an easy to grow rose with a True rose flower.

WorryFree plants have been bred with your landscape success in mind. Each WorryFree plant addresses specific problems and challenges in the landscape, 让你花更少的时间担心,更多的时间享受你的花园!

The WorryFree Barberry Collection features two non-invasive Barberry. Most Barberry can be invasive. The WorryFree® Barberry 解决了这个问题,因为它们是在康涅狄格大学培育的,是非侵入性的, 为您提供一种具有吸引力且性能良好的景观植物,它具有抗鹿性,现在没有入侵风险.

The WorryFree Grasses Collection 在美国景观中具有非侵入性的观赏草流行群体,但该属在美国大部分地区一直是入侵植物问题.S. Now there are sterile varieties, offering a winning solution in terms of form, color, and reliability without the invasive risk.

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